Welcome to Goatwerx! The first build we are breaking down is this 1998 Volvo V70 5 speed. Starting its life as a naturally aspirated car, the owner wanted to get a bit more power out of the car, and ended up doing an engine replacement in 2018. The donor car was a 1998 S70 T5, sporting an awesome 2.3 Liter Volvo Whiteblock 5 Cylinder (B523T3). The swap was completed in November 2018 and has been fairly reliable ever since. Due to the fact that this is an engine replacement, this car passes abides by the CA BAR Engine Change guidelines, therefore can be smogged at any Star Station, rather than having a referee inspection.

Parts that were needed for Engine Replacement:

Upgraded/ Modified Parts:

Future Upgrades:

Documented or Estimated Wheel Horsepower/TQ:

Estimated Horsepower: 250 Wheel/ 270 TQ